Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice cream, a favorite summer recipe not only for kids but also for the parents. Can you imagine that you can make a homemade ice cream just using only 4 ingredients, no doubt just follow me. So what are you waiting for, sleeves up and grab your knifes.

Παγωτό Βανίλια - Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream


Please find below the ingredients for the recipe,

400 gr. evaporated milk
250 gr. vegetable cream
400 gr. condensed milk
2 beans vanilla


Beat the vegetable cream adding and mixing the condensed milk, the vanilla and the evaporated milk. Put the mixture into the refrigerator and the ice cream will be ready in a few hours. In order to get a chocolate flavor you could add 3-4 spoons (soup) of chocolate or cocoa in warm milk and blend it into the mixture.

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