Liquer Pomegranate

One of many things you can make with some pomegranate fruits is a delicious liquer beverage, so why not for a handmade alcohol drink. So what are you waiting for, sleeves up and grab your knifes.

Λικέρ Ρόδι - Liquer Pomegranate

Liquer Pomegranate Liquer Pomegranate


Please find below the ingredients you need to execute the recipe,

1/2 kilo pomegranate seeds
1/2 kilo sugar
1 jar
Some alcohol


Fill the jar with the pomegranate seeds adding the sugar. Seal the jar and place it in a position under the sun over a month until the sugar is melt down. After this time of long period, open the jar and use a strain in order to squeeze out all the liquids. Add as much alcohol as the weight of the liquids mix it up many times and let it rest about 2 weeks and the liquer pomegranate is ready, Cheers!

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