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Here you can find fresh ideas about handmade crafts and creations to decorate your house using cheap materials, tools and your endless imagination.

Handmade Ideas and Crafts

Here you can find fresh and ideas for handmade constructions and crafts for home decoration like Eastern eggs and Christmas decorations just using cheap ingredients like wood, paper, colors etc.
Πασχαλινά Αυγά από Χαρτοπετσέτες - Easter Foam Eggs

Easter Foam Eggs

Let's do some really handmade stuff, Easter foam eggs. What about Easter foam eggs made by colourful napkins, they look like real painted eggs plus they give you a retro style into your home decoration. Please give it a try, it’s a piece of cake. 

Πασχαλινό Δέντρο - Easter Tree

Easter Tree

Get the spring into your house just by building a colourful Easter tree made just by your hands. So what are you waiting for, sleeves up and grab your tools.