Easy Homemade Croissants

I think this is the best recipe for easy homemade croissants i’ve ever done and one of my children’s favorite. I’m sure you love it as well. So what are you waiting for, sleeves up and grab your knifes.

Εύκολα Σπιτικά Κρουασάν - Easy Homemade Croissants


Please find below the ingredients you need for the recipe,

2 glasses milk
1 glass olive oil
3 yolks or 2 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
40 gr. fresh yeast
750 gr. flour

Εύκολα Σπιτικά Κρουασάν - Easy Homemade Croissants


Mix the eggs, the oil, the milk, the salt and the sugar with the yeast. Add the flour slowly and keep mixing until you get a dough that doesn’t stick in your hands. Let the dough rest on the side and then slice it into small pieces opening them into thin sheets. Put the stuffing you like more into the middle of each piece and wrap them in order to shape a croissant. Let the dough rise for a moment and brush them with some beaten egg mixture. Bake in oven at 200 degrees about 20-25 minutes and the croissants are ready to taste.

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