Decoupage on Metal Bucket

Let’s do some really handmade decoration stuff like Decoupage on Metal Bucket. Use any colorful napkins and give this great result on your bucket, they look like real painted buckets plus they give you a retro style into your home decoration. Please give it a try, it’s a piece of cake.

Ντεκουπάζ σε Μεταλλικό Κουβά - Decoupage on Metal Bucket

Decoupage on Metal Bucket


For the decoupage on metal bucket, you need the materials and tools below,

Colourful napkins
Paint brush

Ντεκουπάζ σε Μεταλλικό Κουβά - Decoupage on Metal Bucket


Paint the bucket with the white colour and let them dry on the side. Cut the napkins into various patterns you like, then try to separate each cropped napkin into thin sheets. Get the glue and paste it into the surface of the bucket where you want to place each napkin sheet. Please paste some glue again above the napkins making slow and soft moves, let them dry. You can add some colour into the blank spaces between the napkins, but that’s optional. This technique actually can be used as well into your candles. That’s it the metallic bucket decoupage are ready to decorate your house.

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