Cupcake Candles

What about cupcake candle, well that’s not something to taste. You can feel more creative using your old used candles instead of just throw them away into the recycle bin. Please try to melt them again in order to get cupcake candles style like we do. The result will be just like a brand new candle, could you believe it!

Κεριά Κάπκεικς - Cupcake Candles

Cupcake Candles


Please find below all the materials you need,

Silicone cupcake forms
Used old candles
Candle wicks
White candle
Aromatic oils
Wooden skewers

Κεριά Κάπκεικς - Cupcake Candles


Melt the used candles in a small pot over a bain marie. After that you can use some melt candle in order to stick the base of the wick into each cupcake case plus you need to use some skewers to hold the wick upright before fill it. Add some drops of the aromatic oils within the melted candle mixture and fill each one of the cases. Let them rest for some time.

Into the meanwhile we can proceed to create the icing effect onto the top of each candle, so get the white candle and melt it like we did before. Just the candle is melted, use a large bowl filled with cold water, and drop it slowly in a circular motion. After the wax thickens break it into small pieces and decorate each cupcake top, pour a little melted white wax in order to stick the base with the top. That’s it the cupcake candles are ready to decorate your house.

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