Brioche Cookies

A delicious brioche cookies recipe, that’s it cookies made with brioche dough. Definitely an excellent choice for you as also for the kids. Don’t forget to ask them to help you as well, let them take a part, it’s so fun. Please find some of our recipes with brioche dough like, cinnamon brioches and easter brioche. So what are you waiting for, sleeves up and use your imagination.

Κουλουράκια Τσουρεκιού - Brioche Cookies

Brioche Cookies


For the brioche cookies, you need the ingredients below,

1 cup (tea) oil
1 1/2 cup (tea) sugar
500 gr. greek yogurt
2 teaspoon mahlab-kakoule
Orange zest and juice
3 eggs
2 vanillas
1 1/2 kilo flour
50 gr. baking powder

Κουλουράκια Τσουρεκιού - Brioche Cookies


Mix all the ingredients together until you get a soft solid dough, slice it in small pieces and shape each one in the form you like. Bake in oven at 180 degrees for 12-15 minutes. That’s it the brioche cookies are ready to taste.

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